Best Pens for Bullet Journalling

I've recently been converted to bullet journalling and, a few months in, I think I have formed my perfect kit for using in my Leuchtturm1917. Here are the best tools (writing-utensil-wise) for bujo-ing.

1 - Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens
These are a firm favourite in the bullet journalling community. I bought this little set from amazon with a very teeny one (S) which is perfect for writing along with the 'F' pen, the 'M' is great for drawing in lines and the 'B' is useful for titles. They don't bleed and dry really quickly. They are slightly visible through the pages in the Leuchtturm, though not noticeably.

2 - Muji Gel Pens
These are far more easily accessible if you're London-based like I am. I LOVE the 0.38mm for writing notes, as it's super skinny and neat, and the 0.5mm for bolder statements, however these do take a tad longer to dry so can smudge a little if you're not careful.

3 - OhhDeer Biro
I use this to just write in any notes and plan ahead (not for main spreads etc) as it's really easy to write notes quickly, however these Ohh Deer pens are super black (unlike grey-tinged Bics). 

I also use the ever-so-handy Uniball Signo Pen in White to cover up any mistakes - it's like super precise Tipp-Ex. To add colour, I use these super cheap pencils from my local pound shop and Staedtler Colouring Pens to add bolder details, although I'm considering investing in some of the infamous Tombow Brush Markers - any comments?

Spring Style Inspo

With temperatures reaching 18 degrees in London last week, it's only reasonable to assume that Spring has sprung - and to start planning wardrobe updates, of course! I've taken inspiration from some of my fave bloggers (Liv, I'm looking at you!) and from Pinterest to start a mood board for my spring style for 2017.

I am in love with this red slogan tee trend - it's all very Parisian and I am totally on board with that. H&M has a few good offerings, however I'm thinking of doing a bit of a DIY on this one with iron on transfers and something slightly rude - in French, obviously.

Since Lizzy Hadfield has been harping on about the ASOS straight leg jeans for a few months now - and she is Goddess of denim - I know I'm going to need a pair for Spring, which I think will be quite flattering at balancing out my hourglass frame. Thinking of looking to Topshop or ASOS for these for a better fit.

Red shoes are going to be a must in my wardrobe this season, especially as I'm bringing out the navy suit for Sixth Form. I love this pair from Next, as seen on Megan Ellaby, but Marks and Spencer has a pair of backless loafers which I love too!

Finally, I am a huge fan of this skinny stripy jumper trend that has been blossoming over the past few months. I'm not sure how well the horizontal stripes will suit my slightly bustier chest but we will see. Urban Outfitters has a few pretty offerings, and I love the multicoloured one shown from Gap, although I may play it safe and look in Primark or H&M for a bargain to test this one out properly.

What are you lusting after for the Spring season?

What's in my (mini) bag?

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I've never been one to carry around a huge handbag full of useless rubbish, so when I unwrapped this little beauty from Accessorize this Christmas I was over the moon - and have been using it daily since.

This black leather camera-style bag fits a lot more than you think - I carry around the essentials, plus a lot more. I always have my cardholder which travels solo if I'm carrying my camera, but if not, it lives inside my purse which is a simple red pouch from H&M which also holds change and cash.

I also always have my iPhone 5 on me, either in my bag or a coat pocket, and gum, my favourite being Extra Bubblemint. Tissues are an essential during flu season, and I cannot survive without my Moleskine and a biro (this gold one is a little smarter than your average Bic, no?). I also carry this bright pink mirror/comb duo, which, although ugly in colour and not too chic with its 'My Little Pony' branding (it was part of a joke gift!), is extremely useful and space-saving.

Most of the time I also carry around my perfume, Stella, and a lipstick; my current favourite is Charlotte Tilbury 'Bitch Perfect'. As for other beauty bits, inside my tissue packet I tend to place my mini Leighton Denny crystal nail file which is perfect for catching split nails that could catch on jumpers!

What can't you live without in your handbag?


Goals for 2017

 I think I can speak for most millenials in saying that 2016 was crap could've been better, however, here's to fresh starts and a more positive year for 2017. I have been pondering what I want to achieve in the next year, so here are some of my to-dos for 2017.

1: Read more. I got back into books after taking my exams and now love reading again, but I don't want to let exam season take priority over things I love like books; I have a nice little collection now, and I'm aiming for one a fortnight, as some are pretty thick!

2: Go to more intellectual events. A bit random, however I'll be filling out UCAS forms and writing personal statements this year, and so could do with some interesting extra-curriculars around my subjects and perhaps a few references from intellectuals in the field.

3: Invest in quality. I love all things fashion and style, but sometimes I can let following trends cloud my judgement on what's worth the money. I now have strict rules: no more than £25 on shoes that aren't leather, no more than £20 on a jumper without wool content, etc. I can't wait to have a wardrobe filled with classic pieces that will last me throughout.

4: Become stronger. I am a bit of a weakling, and, whilst other people want to 'lose weight' or 'get fit', I want to get stronger; become a healthier person, whether that means gaining or losing weight.

5: Up my Instagame. Having somewhat ignored my Instagram @elizabethspts this year, I'm hoping to post more in 2017 using my Song of Style tips book and Mosaico app to plan my feed, as I'm known to delete images soon after posting due to being unhappy with it! I want my 'gram to be a place to showcase my photography and the things I love, which should be a tad easier with my new camera, so quality should improve too!

6: Get out more. I'm known as a homebody, which is nothing to be ashamed of, however in 2017 I'm going to make the effort to attend events, visit places and be more enthusiastic about seeing new things. I always forget how privileged I am to be a Londoner, and as I may not be for much longer due to moving away for Uni, I may as well make the most of it while I can!

Good Things in 2016

Whilst it may be easy to look back at all the negative things that happened in 2016, I'd prefer to focus on the positives and think about all the great things in my 2016; the events that I hope will continue into 2017.
I've accepted that my mum is my best friend this year because we spend so much time together and, quite frankly, I get along better with her than with anyone else. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and school mates, but my mum outranks everybody as we are just two peas in a pod.

Money was definitely a focus of 2016, in a good way: I'm a good saver and have saved a lot this year, and shopped wisely, in order to have a good chunk of money to spend travelling in 2017.

Whilst my mum is my BFF, my other chums have been amazing this year and I love them all to pieces - we've had midnight movie campouts and Proms on the school field, and every memory I treasure.

Something we all experienced together was results day; perhaps my best day due to the intense emotions and absolute relief upon opening that envelope, running upstairs and telling my mum my scores - I was over the moon with my results and they proved that working hard pays off.

2016 was definitely the year of 'not giving a f**k' about what people think and my friends helped with that so much - who cares if the people who think they're 'popular' aren't exactly my cup of tea, or that writing a blog is lame; I love it, and that's all that matters.

2016: the year of self love. I've learnt to accept my body, my mind and everything in between, and to love it all. I'm not a skinny girl, or a plus-size one either, but I'm happy being somewhere in between.

I love interiors and have finally been able to begin redecorating my bedroom space so it's exactly where I want it to be; calm, homely but also quite minimal and chic.

Travel is always important to me and this year I travelled to Sicily, Birmingham and Mykonos, all of which I loved, however, strangely, Birmingham was my favourite, and I plan on venturing to at least 3 new cities this year (especially because it's Uni-visiting season!).

What are your favourite memories from 2016?

Christmas Goodies 2016

Goodmorning everyone; I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are now nursing potato and mince pie-filled food babies! I, for one, have had a lovely lazy few days and am now just about back to revision timetables and busy schedules, but for now, here are a few of my wonderful Christmas gifts that I just had to share!

My stocking contained a few little bits that Santa knew I had been wanting for a while, including some interestingly shaped paperclips, handbag tassel charm and Pilot V Pens. My grandparents kindly bought me this cream beanie from H&M that had been on my list as the only bobble hat that I had found that fit my head (which is apparently abnormally small?). My mum also treated me to a couple of Zoeva brushes, one of which is the cult Silk Finish Brush, and the Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm.

 It's become a bit of a tradition for my parents to gift me a handbag for Christmas, so this year I received this black leather one from Accessorize which is quite gorgeous. They were also kind enough to gift me the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and some beautiful bobby pins that were similar to some extortionately priced ones in Anthropologie that I had lusted over.

My grandmother also gifted me this amazing Vintage-inspired ring from M&S that is similar to the one she gave me for my birthday that I LOVE, and these super glitzy Primark earrings that I cannot wait to wear for NYE!

Finally: the books. I'd asked for a lot of books this year, and was very excited to unwrap so many of them! First up, the ever-so-amusing 'The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k' which I cannot wait to read, a Dream Journal as, although it may seem stupid to some, I have been having some obscure dreams recently that I think would be interesting to delve into, and finally in non-fiction, the constantly out-of-stock 'GirlBoss' which I am so so so looking forward to reading, as it has been on wishlists for the past few years!

In terms of the imaginary, 'The Secret History' is another Donna Tartt for me to get my teeth into, as I read 'The Goldfinch' in a matter of days. One of my favourite movies is 'Trainspotting' so I know I am going to obsess over the book, and then 'The Virgin Suicides' is a film I've wanted to watch, but only after I've read the book!

Again, Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope I'll be less of an inconsistent blogger for 2017!

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